Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 11




It is a set of virtues, powers, faculties, forces, etc; latent on each person’s essence that is contaminated at the moment. As the essence is released and fixed in the spine, they are set free and awaken to serve our consciousness.


Virtues: Because each one of our defects that has been comprehended and eliminated becomes into the opposite virtue. For instance: the defect of treason is transmuted into the virtue of fidelity, the theft self is transmuted into the virtue of honesty, anger in gentleness, lust in chastity, and so on.


Powers: Because as the Kundalini rises through our spine creating each one of the superior Bodies we start receiving powers. For instance: When the solar Physical Body is created then we receive the power to govern the Gnomes and Pygmies of earth. When we create the Solar Vital Body we receive the power to govern the Undines and Nereids of water. With the creation of the Solar Astral Body we can travel to any place (stars, planets, etc.) and enter the Fifth Dimension whenever we want, also we receive the power to govern the Salamanders of fire. When we create the Solar Mental Body, we can enter the mental world whenever necessary and have contact with the Sylphs and Sylphids of air to receive their wisdom. Finally, when we create the Solar Will Body, we have the power to govern Nature and even to create ourselves.


Faculties: On each of the Initiations we receive faculties which are latent in all human beings, but we ignore how to handle them. These faculties are clairvoyance, polyvoyance, clairaudience, Magic Ear, telepathy, telemetry, intuition, the ability to communicate with the elementals of nature, among others.


Forces: As the psychic development is taking place all those forces start to integrate around our Being and we can do things that neither a thousand men together would be able to do.





The Soul is created by working with the three factors:


  • Psychological Death: With the death of our defects we save energy, balance the centers and release the consciousness trapped in the defect.
    Spiritual Birth: Creation of the existential bodies of the Being, by the sexual union of a man and a woman, using wisely our creative sexual energy.
    Sacrifice for Humanity: teaching other human beings this
    knowledge Selflessly (this provides us the merits of the heart to do the Great Work).




1- Receive the Objective Knowledge (“Out of a thousand who are seeking me, only one finds me”).
2- Start the practice of the three factors.
3- Balance the centers (“Out of thousand that find me, one follows me”).
4- Having a stable partner, because this is the Mountain of birth.
5- Turn up the waters or make them ascend through spine (without fornication).
6- Receive the Silver Sword.(In the inner worlds)
7- Do the first five Initiations of Greater Mysteries:


7.1 Regeneration of the Solar physical body.

7.2 Regeneration of Solar Vital Body.

7.3 Creation of the Solar Astral Body.

7.4 Creation of the Solar Mental Body.

7.5 Creation of the Solar Will Body


8- Choose the Direct Path at the beginning of the fifth initiation (“out of thousand that follows me, one is mine”).

9- The perfect marriage or union of the Divine Soul and the Human Soul.

When we finish the Fifth Initiation we have become Real men. At this point we can say that we have a Human Soul.

To the creation of the first five solar bodies is called the First Mountain, or the first rising of the fire through the spinal cord from the coccyx to the pineal gland. It is also called fabrication of the Human Soul or Genesis.


When the Divine Soul and Human Soul are joined together, the Second Triad is formed, which is: Atman, Budhi and Manas; this triad is called the Spirit.


The development of the Spirit takes place during the rise of the Second Mountain.

In the Second Mountain the Seven Churches and the Seven Consciousness or seven Wisdoms are developed and finished.



– How is a Body created?: to create a body it is necessary to balance the lower five centers (as seen in the conference of the seven centers). With the energy savings in everyday life through psychological death, and the investing of those savings in the sexual transmutation we create each of the bodies (as seen in the conference of the seven bodies).


-How long does it take to create a Body?: If a person works seriously, the creation of each body will take two and a half years.

How long does it takes to create the Soul?: The soul will be created in approximately thirteen years.


-How do we know that the work has already started?: The work begins with chastity, it is necessary to understand the fornicator self to light the fire, this psychological defect impedes any progress. Once we have eliminated this psychological aggregate, we will receive in the inner World a small silver sword with white hilt. Each fornication makes us lose two vertebrae.


-is possible to create Bodies without a partner?: No, because outside sex we cannot create anything. It is necessary to find a partner interested in this work and that loves the sexual practice. This work is very serious and requires continuity of purpose.


-Is it possible to create the Soul being castrated?: No, in order to create the Soul it is necessary to have the sex glands in perfect condition. Castration is a crime against the Holy Spirit, the Creator. A castrated person cannot create anything, he or she would have to regenerate him/herself.


-How much time does take for the second mountain to be done?: A thousand years with the same Physical Body are given to the initiate that has chosen the Direct Path (Christic Path). the Second Mountain can be done in twenty years working hardly.


-Why is it that of a thousand people that seek the secret path just one can find it?: Because of Karma. Many people have had the Knowledge but have abandoned it, others have betrayed the Divine Mother, others have committed crimes against the Holy Spirit. Others are seekers but they don’t even know what they are looking for. And they all have lost the right to receive it for several existences.


-Why is it that of a thousand people that find it, just one person follow it?: Look, each one of you already know what you have to do, but a strange force doesn’t let you start the work and you feel satisfied just by listening to the conferences. During a period of time you will be attempting to do something but the self of sloth and your personality will make you go back to your old habits. If you make a super-effort, helping others, you would receive a force that would impulse you to really start the Work.


-Why is it that of thousand people that follow the Secret path, just one achieves the self-realization?: At the moment of paths choice, 999 choose the Nirvana Path and betray the Intimate Christ because of the fear to the difficulties of the Second Mountain, and just one initiate decides to continue and reach the Absolute.
The Nirvana path we wouldn’t even desire it to our worst enemy because a recurrence would be established and that Being will never eliminate the Causal Selves from his psyche. Thus will never achieve the self-realization.


End Conference 11.

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