Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 14


This conference has two objectives:

1- Show the urgency of the elimination of these two defects, since they make impossible any progress in the inner work of the Great Work.

2- How to teach people affected by these two selves to regenerate themselves. If the student has removed them then he can teach others how to do it.


The Alcoholism


Let’s meet ALGOL


The Demon Algol


Algol is one of the ten evillest demons of planet Earth. Depicting the head of Medusa, cutted by Perseus. He manages all processes of alcoholism and drug abuse in this planet.
Algol was the winner of the contest among major demons of the planet for being the one who most degeneration arises to the race. The all-time dictators, tyrants, not ignore that it is easier to govern and enslave a nation of drinkers than a village of abstainers.


Let’s see what his slogans are:

  1. I am the owner of the planet.
    2. I am the thief of solar atoms.
    3. I am the father of corruption and misfortune.
    4. I am the father of degeneracy and vice.
    5. I am the destroyer of homes.
    6. I am the cause of misery and ruin.
    7. Poisons reason to destroy the race.


The characteristics of the devil are:

  1. Lubricate the wheel of Samsara.
    2. The pit of the abyss which goes smoke up as of a great furnace, reeks of alcohol.
    3. The Abominable Algol turns incessantly within the vicious circle of time.
    4. Forever tantalizing it hints in everywhere.
    5. It seems to have the gift of ubiquity, it appears everywhere.
    6. Malignant Algol is sometimes very fine and diplomat
    7. His kingdom is that of the infernal worlds and characterizes them in intimate way.
    8. Climbs to cliff to fall into the abyss.
    9. His homeland is the Earth.
    10. His slaves are all human.
    11. Drunkenness with Algol is opposite to the Dionysian drunkenness.
    12. The Algol demon takes over the human body slowly and craftily, until finally one day we plunge into the abyss of drunkenness and madness.


These are the consequences that causes:

  1. And that is actually a demon or evil spirit, when he takes possession of the man, is obvious and easily demonstrated by its effects, ranging from drunkenness to madness and delirium tremens, consigning in the offspring in the form of paralysis and other hereditary defects.
    2. There is no question that being a decay product, which also originates in our body, among the ones that are deleted by the skin, has a vibratory tendency disintegrant, solvent and destructive, drying our tissues and destroying nerve cells, which They are gradually replaced by cartilages.
    3. Ends out with the possibilities of Being.
    4. With every drop of alcohol the energy and wealth of Microcosmos is gone.
    5. In Sex leads to the worst basest (Infra-sex).
    6. Prevents achieve scientific Chastity (light the sacred fire and raise the Kundalini).
    7. Revives the dead selves.
    8. Increase the weakness.
    9. In intoxicated state one is more influenced by any suggestion.
    10. It prevents the concentration and causes distraction.
    11. Stimulates fantasy.
    12. It Develop irresponsibility and failure.
    13. It Kills the religious principles, the family and society.
    14. Weakens the ethical sense, the ability to think independently and freedom
    15. Ends out with the human side of the individual, it animalizes.
    16. Influence on crime.
    17. Prostitutes religions.
    18. The consequences of pleasure is pain, inevitably.
    19. The atoms Hidden Enemy, similar to microscopic fractions of glass, with the
    passage of time and very subtly, they are embedding within living cells in the body.



  1. Listen very well gnostic students; in the light of the sun or moon, day or night, with the demon Algol you must be radicals!Any composure, transaction, diplomacy or negotiation with this evil spirit is doomed to failure sooner or later.
    2. Listen friends!: with sinister demon Algol you can not make compromises, arrangements, shenanigans, of any kind.
    3. Alcohol is very treacherous and eventually gives us the stab in the back.
    4. Is Unlucky the religious guide, the priest, mystic or prophet who make the mistake of getting drunk with abominable alcohol! …
    5. It is good to work for the salvation of Souls, teach the doctrine of the Lord’s
    but it’s not fair to throw rotten eggs against those who follow you.
    6. Since the liquor is related to the Tattva Vayu (air element) drinking it will make us fall like the inverted pentalfa, with head down and legs up in the abyss of ruin and dreadful cries.
    7. “Never drink, I say, damned liquor because if you drink soon you will miss the road.”
    8. The woman of Revelation of St. John dressed in purple scarlet, and decked with gold, precious stones and pearls and having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication drink alcohol; that is the Great Whore whose number is 666.



The psychological splitting of man allows us to highlight the harsh reality of a higher level in each of us.

When one has been able to verify itself and directly the concrete fact of having two men in oneself (the lower in the normal ordinary level, the superior at a higher octave), then everything changes. We seek in this case to act in life according to the fundamental principles that we carry in the depths of the Being.

Just as an external life exists, so an internal life also exists. The external man is not everything, the psychological split teaches us the reality of the inner man. The external man has his way of being, it is something with multiple attitudes and typical reactions in life, a puppet moved by invisible strings.

The inner man is the real Being, it is processed in other very different laws, it could never be turned into a robot. The outer man does not stitch without thimble, he feel that has been underpaid, pities himself, is too self-considered, if is a soldier wants to be general, if is a worker of a factory he protest when is not promoted, wants his merits to be duly acknowledged, etc.
No one could reach the Second Birth, rebirth, as the Gospel of the Lord says, while we continue living with the psychology of the ordinary inferior man. When we recognize our own nothingness and inner misery, when you have the courage to revise your life, undoubtedly we come to know for ourselves that in no way we have merits of any kind.

  • Blessed are the poor in spirit because they will receive the kingdom of heavens. Poor in spirit or indigent in spirit are really those who acknowledge their own nothingness, shamelessness and inner misery. This kind of beings unquestionably receive Enlightenment.
  • Easier for a camel to pass through the hole of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heavens‖. It is clear that the enriched mind by so many merits, decorations and medals, distinguished social virtues and complicated academic theories, is not poor in spirit and therefore you can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

To enter the kingdom, it cannot be postponed the treasure of the faith. While it has not occurred in each of us the psychological split the Faith is something more than impossible. Faith is pure knowledge, the direct experimental wisdom.

Faith was always confused with vain beliefs; Gnostics should never fall into such serious mistake. Faith is direct experience of the Real; magnificent experience of the Inner Man; divinal authentic cognition.

The Inner Man by knowing through direct mystical experience his own internal worlds is obvious that also knows the internal worlds of all the people who populate the face of the Earth.
No one could know the inner worlds of the planet Earth, the solar system and the galaxy in which we live, if you have not formerly known your own inner worlds. This is similar to suicide to escape life by false door.

The extra-perceptions of a drug addict have their particular root in the abominable organ Kundabuffer (the tempting serpent of Eden).

The consciousness bottled among the multiple elements which constitute the Ego are processed by its own bottling.

The egoic consciousness becomes in comatose state, with hypnotic hallucinations very similar to any subject that shall be found under the influence of this or that drug.
We can raise this issue in the following way: hallucinations of the egotistical consciousness are the same as hallucinations brought by drugs.

Obviously these two types of hallucinations have their original causes in the abominable organ Kundabuffer.

Undoubtedly, drugs annihilate alpha rays (very low frequency brain activity that allows the concentration), then, unquestionably, is to miss the intrinsic connection between mind and brain; This actually results in total failure.

The drug addict turns vice into religion and being astray intends to experience the real under the influence of drugs, ignoring that the extra-perceptions produced by marijuana, LSD, morphine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, hashish , ecstasy, tranquilizers pills in excess, amphetamines, barbiturates, etc., etc., etc., they are mere hallucinations elaborated by the abominable organ Kundabuffer.

Drug addicts devolving, degenerating in time, they end up submerged permanently within the infernal worlds.

In the sixties began the Age of Aquarius under the regency of Uranus. Then vibrates intensely throughout Nature the Dionysian wave.


Urges to define Dionisio as follows:

  • Voluntary transmutation of the sexual libido.
  • Mystical-transcendental ecstasy.


However, it is clear that Earthlings, mostly were unable to positively polarized with such wave.
Dionysian positive pole: subliminal sexual delight, voluntary transmutation of the entity of the semen, awakened consciousness, Objective Knowledge, superlative intuition, transcendental music of the great classical masters, etc.

Dionysian negative pole: sexual degeneration, infra-sexualism of all classes, homosexuality, lesbianism, demonic pleasures in the infernal worlds by drugs, mushrooms, alcohol; infernal music like New Wave, etc.

Reaching this part becomes inescapable the need for a didactic confrontation:
Dionysian inebriation, ecstasy, samadhi, obviously indispensable when it comes to experience that which is the Truth, the Real. Such exaltation is one hundred percent possible through the art of meditation.

Psychedelia is different. Translate this term as well: Psyche = Soul. Delia = Drugs.

Specifying say: psychedelia is the antithesis of meditation. The hell of drugs is within the planetary organism in which we live, under the same epidermis of the Earth’s crust.
The hallucinatory mushrooms, pills, LSD, marijuana, etc., etc., they intensify obviously the vibratory capacity of the subjective powers, but it is obvious that they could never originate the awakening of consciousness.

Drugs fundamentally alter the sexual genes, and this is already scientifically proven. As negative consequences of such genetic mutations the birth of monstrous children is evident.
Meditation and psychedelia are incompatible, opposite, antagonistic; They could never mixed.


Consequences of the drugs:

We see very well that a young man begins to ingest the drug and in short time is made a decrepit old man, because the drug affects the sexual part; the person reaches sexual impotence premature. Why? If inhaled through the nose, breathing is directly connected with the sexual part, with energy, and it is logical that is killing the sexual part and ending with the energy will end with life quickly.

If we look at vital body or etheric body, the fourth coordinate, the vital body of an ordinary person is shining bright. Instead a drug addict, it is fading, disintegrating that vital part, it loses its luster until it becomes a corpse. The vital we know is that vitalizes or gives life and repair the physical body at a time when the body rests or sleeps: If we lose the vital part it is logical that we are on the edge of the cemetery. Turning to the Fifth Dimension, we see the astral body of the addict who walks like an idiot, like an unbridled crazy, doing and undoing, and if we look within that astral body, what we call the ego (the demons we have inside of us) They are in a great feast; Why? Because one through drugs is fueling those psychic elements we want to destroy; however the drug is food for them.

If we examine the mental body and the brain of an addict, they are completely destroyed brain tissue of the mental body; cracks are opening and it rots, destroying himself and the result is the impact on the physical part, the person is unbalanced and atrocities are committed by mental imbalance, because of the break of the mental body. And more serious still, if we pass to the causal world, the Essence reaches to suffer the consequences of drugs because she walks deep asleep, walks like a drunk, that wants to fall. That way we see the Essence of a junkie.

So, you notice, not only the three-dimensional damage, but the damage internally makes the drug on a person who is engaged in consumption. This is serious.



You should aim to conduct intimate Self-realization to definitely succeed on alcohol and drugs.
If the person is interested in change and exit the situation in which it is located shall:


  1. Auto observe:
  • Each of the desires and emotionswe have in relation to alcohol or drugs.
  • Each of the intellectual justificationsfor drinking or using drugs.
  • Each of the acts of bad willto do what the Self wants.


  1. For each of the discoveries we do with self-observation we must beg the Divine Mother to eliminate us that detail. If we do not give pleasure to the defect and do the above, in a while we begin to dominate the psychological self.


  1. In this case it is necessary to imprison some of these defects. For this we will go to the practice of Business with the law, to imprison and do not put the problem in the physical world.
    Usually, the cause one to fall into idleness and vices is unemployment, one of the ways to enter unlimited occupation is the Sacrifice for Humanity. If the person who is being regenerated help others, by the law of correspondence, shall be entitled to help him internally.


  1. In people who have fallen very low in the drug is also recommended to go out and sublimatein the morninghours, between 4:30 and 6:00, to a park, even half an hour, and breath fresh air. It is necessary to accompany them because they alone can not.
    If the person shows signs of recovery, it is taught sexual transmutation, allowing to retrieve and implement new activity neurons. With sex work, both birth and death, we are on one side creating the bodies and the other eliminating the various details before enslaved us.


  1. It is recommended when starting to help the drug addict, leave the circle of friendswho share these practices, and to join a new group, for example, the group of the knowledge or the conferences.


  1. To accelerate the death of self its worth pondering in some respects:
  • How far has led us alcoholism or drug? The Damages that were made to the physical body.
  • How far it influenced our degeneration the drugs or alcoholism?
  • The Poor relationships that originated with other people, husband / wife, children, parents, friends, etc., with our work, colleagues and other beings around us.
  • The Poor relationships that originated with our own Being or with yourself. The amount of psychological conflicts that attracted us in this existence.


End Conference 14.

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