Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 45


Let’s see this issue for the reason that everything that we do here is practical. The key is learning to draw the practices .

In the practice of splitting for example, most people are failing.

Only occasionally is seen that the students are taking practices. This is to have in clear the various elements that can lead to failure when you try to do any practice.

All practices give positive results, no doubt. The important thing is that you get to do the practice in the mood required for this.




We are concentrated when consciousness is focused on the action.
If our conscience is our particular God, never fails. If a person focuses his consciousness on what is doing, if not distracting, actually it has power. And the concentration is the greatest power to which one can aspire. We believe that we concentrate because apparently we developed some judicious work, but we really are not concentrated. If you want to start developing the concentration you must begin to lead a very simple task: to see what you do in the day. Item by item, it serves to write them, to be aware. The day we manage to do that thing concentrate will be a success. Then: the first work of day, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc., etc., and so all, one after another. We have to get to make them consciously, to realize each of the selves involved in each task of the day.
So you have to fight every day since you get up to be concentrated, to live the moment, not to be distracted, to not allow the Consciousness to go.


Consciousness means: CON, which is More and SCIENCE, which is Wisdom.

Points to consider:
– Doing an effort to do item by item.
– Without thinking of anything else.
– Without interrupting one thing to do another.
– Not thinking things that are going to do later.
– Not remembering things that have already been made.
– Staying focused on what we do.




What is not to have faith?: Doubt, and doubt always leads one to fail. What is to have faith?: Knowledge, to be sure.

It is different to know than to believe. One can believe that you can do many things. For example, I can believe I can fly, but if you have not flown, certainly you will not fly. That’s the difference.

To have faith, you need to overcome something called doubt. What makes us doubt?: To be one at all times with the mechanical imagination.

When one don’t doubt anymore does not allow the devil to convince you. When one overcomes the doubt immediately do and arises the wisdom, the faith in what you are doing. And then will not doubt ever again.

A person who has not split yet consciously doubts about the split. But a person who consciously already were split, found outcheckedinvestigated, there is nothing to doubt. Simply apply and have their results.

A person who does knows. And if you know you won’t doubt again. And have faith in what he does, he has overcome the ignorance; he has conquered doubt and achieved faith.




Fear turns the whole world impotent and incapable. When a person is afraid don’t do. This force is contrary to Love, which is in the works. Let’s see specific examples:

Let’s Imagine that from a building that is over there we will place a tempered steel strip until here, fifteen centimeters high. We are going to put a railing and a mat to make it very safe.

Hence, fifteen centimeters above the floor, on the well-tempered steel band, will go forward each of you holding the handrail, walking on the carpet.
Does anyone imagine that it cannot? Everybody can? Is there anyone who believes they may not?

We will do the same job but a hundred meters high. We will upload the same band, we will put it tempered with his mat and with everything. Then we say to each “you go”.
Do you go? And so, they will realize that not a single one will pass. Why? Because imagination immediately puts us fear. And if not resolved our fear, while imagination is not resolvedThe Will don’t work.

While you do not resolve your fears you may not split, you could not meditate, because their Will won’t work, which is what leads them to do.




Undoubtedly, if you have read about the secret of success, they know that when you have a goal never fails. But when one does not have an objective is a vague.

Experts teach that 10,000 boats leaving port for a specific purpose 10,000 triumph, that is, always go where they go. But imagine a ship loaded with the entire crew, food and everything. They tell the captain, “we start?”. “Yes, let’s go.” And they ask, “to where”. “I do not know. I do not know yet.”

Then what happens? The crew begins: “Let’s take for Paris”, “no better leave for Germany.” Another will say, “no, better go to New York,” and so on. Then the whole crew gets to fight and nobody does anything. Why? Because there is not a goal.

We always have to have a goal: Go to Court to investigate how determinate business is, make a transfer of funds, speak to a specific Master, investigate certain psychological aggregate, etc. Having a certain course.

So, before you start the practice, we define: what is the objective that we will meet as soon as we split? What is the purpose of go looking for a particular Master? I have to know what I’m going to ask, I’m going to ask him anything? or just I’m going to say, what’s up, How are you? as they do in the physical plane everyone, To update the personal history. Whenever you have a particular goal it should be determinate, fixed.


So, Let’s study a little in what are we failing in these four points: If you are lacking Concentration, if we have the faith, if we find selves of Fear let us ask the Divine Mother to eliminate them, and let us finally put a goal. With this we must not fail.


There are 4 rules that all esoteric student should know:

1 – KNOW TO CRAVING: To desire is to craving, ‘The desire is the source of all forze
2 – KNOW TO DARE: Start doing, start, dare, try.
3 – KNOW TO DO: You start doing a task … who does is the Being.
4 – KNOW TO BE SILENT: No one can talk about what you see in other dimensions.

End Conference 45.

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