Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 46


To achieve perfect chastity is necessary to study some things that make us lose:



A pollution is a spill or loss of Sexual creative energy that occurs during sleeping hours. While the physical body lies in bed the astral body is active. Through the silver cord vibrations are transmitted to the physical body, causing a spill of sexual energy in it.

When one wants to end with the self of the nocturnal pollutions you should work in the different facets it presents. Now let’s examine some of them:


  1. On the one hand we have the IMPRESSIONS. During the day we receive many impressions. These impressions come to us through the senses. Therefore, we have visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile or sensory impressions.

Impressions can be transformed when we are in waking state, when we are self-observing and remembering of ourselves. But if we let our guard there is not who to transform impressions, and therefore identification is given.

All non-transformed impressions can produce a wet dream or sexual fall.


  1. There are also IDENTIFICATIONS. We identify with many things, you yourselves will see, for example, that one could be identified with a process of anger, lust, greed, etc. One can identify with a skirt that saw, with legs, you can identify with some breasts, eyes, with a face, with hair, whatever, the drink, overeating, etc.

Identifications can lead us to a nocturnal emission or sexual fall. If one has an impression, for example: visual, and then he works that visual impression and asks for death then there is not identification.


  1. LASCIVIOUSNESSis frustrated desire for sex. Through lasciviousness enter into activity all lustful selves and sexual desire with all the people we see. Dreams become reality in erotic dreams.


  1. Different LUSTFUL DETAILSof the day.


  1. There is another point that can cause Sexual Creative Energy losses: ATTACK OF A WITCH. A witch can try to steal the sexual energy at night through the fourth dimension, and produce on the physical plane an spilling of sexual energy. In those cases it is important that we learn to defend or protect when such attacks are present, to prevent any steal of energy.

Using steel scissors set in cross, black mustard in a circle around scissors and a plea to Elemental of mustard so he can defend and we can catch the witch that tries.


  1. ATTACKS DURING SLEEP. These attacks of the Black Lodge does mean that when you go to bed you should conjure and ward with a Belilin and Magic Circle. Hence the importance of learning to conjure and keep closed as long as possible in the day. Especially when you’re getting the sex practices. A practice of sex without the conjuration and the Magic Circle is almost equivalent to a sexual fall. The student must also learn to defend themselves with the conjuration of JUPITER.


  1. Another aspect, and one of the most important to work is the issue of FOOD. Avoid:
  2. a)Meals containing pork or pig (has effects up to fifteen days).
    b)Meals cooked in containers where pig was cooked.
    c) Eat fish without scales, catfish or swamp fish that are feed with fecals.
    d) Eat farmed fish fed with swine manure or fecal pig and anabolic.
    e) Toxic meals.
    f) All sausages and deli meats.
    g) All liquor act preventing chastity.

So you need to eat fresh meals. Any of the above can cause nocturnal pollutions or sexual falls.


  1. THE LEVEL OF GLASS. We all have a glass where Sexual creative energy is deposited. You will notice that we are more excited when the level of the glass is full or half full or up. So, anything demand us to sexual activity, because it is of instinctive type.

This is showing that we need to learn to manage the energy levels of the body. You know very well that if filled it spills. When a person has high level glass, and has no one to transmute their energy, or have a partner but cannot practice for a health reason or whatever, what to do to prevent the glass from spilling? Well, learn to SUBLIMATE THE ENERGY.

Then we will give the practice of Sublimation of the Energy. What is sublimate the energy? It is learning to seminize the brain through a breathing exercise. This exercise is a pranayama where we will imagine our spine and brain. And we will sublimate the energy through ganglion channels

From Ida and Pingala. Here we imagine the sexual glands and nose. The important thing is to learn to imagine how the process occurs.

On one side we find Ida and to the other side Pingala. These two snakes allow energy to sublimate through the vital body, doing this breathing exercise and using the mantra: HAM – SAH.

HAM elongated, while inhaling. SAH short, as you exhale. The inhalation last twenty seconds and exhalation approximately two seconds. It is made a pause before inhaling again.

We cover the left nostril and inhale through the right nostril. We imagine that our energy rises and reaches the right nostril.

It starts from the left testicle, which is positive, and will reach the right nostril. Then from the right testicle, which is negative, to the left nostril. One imagine, because imagine is to see, that the energy rises through the two channels of Ida and Pingala. This way you lower the level to the glass and always keep our energy in a very appropriate levels, so you will not miss or spill at any time.

In the case of women, the polarity is reversed. The signs are changed but is exactly as in men. The ladies start with the right ovary and go up the left nostril, and continue on the left ovary leading energy to right nostril.

Sexual creative energy is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. This collects the energy of Spirit and unites to the Sexual Hydrogen. This exercise is regenerative, and helps a lot in health issues.

Sublimation only is done once a day, for ten minutes. The best times to sublimate are from four to six o’clock, when one is rising, when the Vital body has restored energy of the physical body.

Not more than this is required. Practicing yourself will realize that it is very simple and very helpful.

  1. PLACES AND LARVAE. There are many places you visit are full of larvae: Theatres, cemeteries, brothels, residences, motels, hotels, clubs, churches, erotic cinema halls, etc.

If for any reason we have to attend one of these places we must cleanse with a swastika, it is made with sulfur and burns with alcohol on a tile. Also, if one puts a pinch of sulfur into the shoes prevents the larvae rise to them and to come into the room.


  • Always request assistance from the Father and the Divine Mother before starting a sexual practice.
    ● Never practice without the conjuration of the Belilin and Magic Circle, otherwise is being exposed to attack.
    ● Lack of concentration in practice originates sex falls; exist because we allow the mind to flutter around. Where is the mind is the Consciousness.

– When you are practicing each one has to concentrate on their sexual organs and his spine, not in the couple.

– All movements must be gentle, avoid sudden movements.
– The Gnostic bedroom marriage should be kept in excellent conditions of hygiene and good ventilation. Remember there arrive teachers to help us in the work.
– Its recommended to couples who start not use old mattresses or those in which previously has committed fornication, as they are full of larvae.

For those who marry are advised not to go on your honeymoon to hotels because the beds of them are black beds. Even outwardly they seem very clean are dens of the Black Lodge.


  1. MENSTRUATION. During the menstrual process of women, the couple must separate for several reasons:

The energy of the woman is going through a process of involution, and this energy attracts energy of man to involution also.
On the other hand, women in menstruation produces many larvae. So it is not convenient to sleep in the same bed where supra-sex practices are made, or that man sleep with her.
In addition, any caress this week revive dead selves.


  1. CARESSES WITHOUT PRACTICE. This point is very important for singles and also for married. Most do not know that when fondling the sexual energy becomes active, this happens with the first touch or kiss. If that energy does not evolve, then regresses. Later the person will go to bed and wet dreams will come, and if you will practice the sexual fall.

End Conference 46.

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