Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 09


The objective of this lecture is to know that as it happens in Planet Earth, the same way happens in our inner world. In our lower abdomen we find the seven doors that lead us to the infradimentions or our Atomic Hells.

By correspondence law, we find for psychological work the Nine Dantesque Circles in our inner world, the same way that in planet earth.

All human beings have two moons, the visible moon and the hidden moon. Visible moon is related with our visible defects and with our own infradimensions. The hidden moon is related with “Causal Selves” and the infradimensions of planet Earth.

We have already said that psychological defects have two ways to die: voluntarily or involuntarily. When a Being decides to eliminate them voluntarily has to start firstly a psychological war in daily life, working innerly all psychological aggregates that emerge from his inner world. These defects work owning the centers of human machine, the sexual apparatus, the and sexual glands.

As we know, the 97% of our Sexual Creative Energy is trapped in diverses psychological elements. We must go down to our Infra Dimensions to rescue this energy in order to make different creations.

Let’s see the Infradimensions and the main defects that are contained in them:


  • First Infradimension – Sphere of the Moon: It is related with all the lazy onesthat have not get baptized. this is showing us that the first work that we have to do is about our own laziness, since this does not let us to start the sexual work, nor the work on ourselves.

The sphere of moon is related with planet Moon and the Sexual center. In this center we find the atom of the Secret Enemy (Antichrist), that prevents us the execution of all work.


  • Second Infradimension – Sphere of Mercury: It is related with our waters and with the instinct.  Here we find all fornicators from our inner world, which finish to copulate and they are thinking in the next orgasm or fornication. In this circle nothing else is done than to spill the seed. For this reason, is necessary to understand the value of the. Ens Seminis for the creation of Superior Bodies, to learn to value our own energy, to understand the damages that caused the loss of it and to disintegrate the fornicator self, to be able to do the Great Work.
  • Third Infradimension– Sphere of Venus: It is related to all our pleasures or desires. Here we must understand that desire is the source of any strength, when someone refuses to desire, becomes owner of the force, and when someone gives up himself to the desire, becomes his slave. In this circle we find the Desire, who works as Psycological Trainer, The Lucifer, tempting and proving us. If we defeat it, we will own fire and light. If we do not defeat it, we become their slaves and can never do a change and transcend what we are.


We must study all pleasures: drinking, eating, playing, fornicating, adulterating, sleeping, resting, partying, watching tv, working, suffering, etc.  As in they it is caught our fire (the ability to love.) This sphere is linked with the Lower Emotional Center.


  • Fourt Infradimension – Sphere of Sun: The Sun is related with the equilibrium, and this with the law of balance. In this region of our Microcosmos we find two kinds of defects that always prevent us from getting to equilibrium and to become a Self-egocratic system. We must study all our excesses and deficiencies, originated and expressed in wasteful selves and avaricious selves. The first ones mistakenly invest our inner and outer wealth, they waste it. The others save it, retain it and do not allow us to do what we have to do, until thieve defects steal it. These defects make us beggars, since they do not allow us to create Existential Bodies. This sphere is related Lower Intelectual Center.


  • Fifth Infradimension – Sphere of Mars: It is related to Motor Center, which manages our deeds and words. Here we find the Force the good or bad use of it, the defect of Anger. Therefore, here we appear the violence selves with words and deeds, insulters, aggressors, fighters, that emerge in every day’s life and exhaust our Sexual Creator Energy in unnnecesary reactions during interrelation with other Beings. We must change the way we react in any situation that comes to us, it’s necessary to observe our impatience and all that leads us to do. Here we find ironic, furious, proud, arrogant people, and all monstrous creations of Anger self.


  • Sixth Infradimension – Sphere of Jupiter: Jupiter is the generous of the solar system. Contrary to this, in this circle we find all our Tyrant Selves, the dictator selves, the hoarder selves, the selves that take over things, lands, the selfishness selves that keep money to cause scarcity and economic recession, etc. All parents that force their children to eat something they do not like, to study, the parents who withheld the money of the family for themselves. Selves that do not allow that other people to give their opinion, or do not allow them to act with their free will, the ones who want others to do what their want. All those who attempt against love and what is divine, the blasphemous, the skepticals, the materialistics, the atheists. This region is linked to Superior Emotional Center.


  • Seventh Infradimension – Sphere of Saturn: It is related to Superior Intelectual Center. It is in charge of the management of nature. Here we find all crimes against Holy Spirit, against Nature, and violence against Art: the fornicators selves, masturbators selves, homosexual selves, lesbianism selves, adulterer selves, lewdness selves, pornography selves, prostitution selves, selves that practice sex with animals, selves that practice anal sex, selves that practice oral sex, self-homosexual selves, sexual abuser selves, selves that practice sex several times in a day, selves that practice sex when woman is pregnant, selves that practice sex when woman is in menstruation, selves that force themselves to practice sex, selves that force their wife to practice sex  when she does not want to, rapist selves, selves that spill energy outside the temple, selves that use methods of birth control, selves that abort, selves that castrate themselves, selves that force others to castrate themselves, selves that castrate animals, selves that do grafts, selves of witchcraft, selves that criticize, selves that slander, etc.


There is violence against God the rogues of intellect that deny the spiritual possibilities to human being. The violents against themselves, the suicidal. The violent against their properties and other’s properties. We must work on all those defects so that we can achieve purity in sex and get to real Suprasex practices. Also, we must observe our behavior with our Mother Nature:  the damages against ecology, water’s pollute, air, land, elemental, etc.


  • Eighth Infradimension – Sphere of Uranus:Uranus is related to the Holy Spirit, the Sexual Creative Energy, our Divine Mother. The Verb by itself, the Truth. In this sphere, on the contrary we find all liars, forgers, to all who falsify religions, forgers of money, impersonators of persons, to all incestuous, to the sowers of discord, to the bad advisers, the black magicians that invite other people to fornicate, those who make promises and fail to keep, the scandalous, the schismatics, the falses, the hypocrites, etc.


  • Ninth Infradimension – Sphere of Neptun: We are found now in sexual apparatus. Here we find all betrayer defects of our psychology. Each one of our wishes, each one of our justifications and hand’s washing, each one of our bad will that prefer to do the will of defects rather than Conscience’s will.


For esoteric job we must discover each betrayer defect that manifest along day.

This procedure is called Oneself’s Knowledge. From this infradimensions will come up Light that will enlighten our inner darkness, or the Evil’s Wisdom, and Love that is trapped in this defects. In this infradimensions is trapped our Mercury. We must teach and encourage students to work Psychological Death with the goal of releasing this trapped essence. Hubs equilibrium and the rescue of our energy for creation depend from psychological defect’s comprehension of the defects we have seen.


End Conference 09.

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