Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 04


The objectives of this lecture are:
● To know which centers we possess internally. To know how they work, what energy they consume, where they are located, etc.
● To learn about of the possibilities, we have as human beings to develop, balance and regenerate them.
● To know which function they fulfill, what is their activity during the daily living, and how to save energy.

The seven centers of the human machine: it is important to notice that when we are talking about centers it is about something that belongs to the Physical World, and therefore to the physical body.

Sexual Center.

●  Location: Coccyx.
●   Function: TO CREATE, with three possibilities of sex:

  1. Supra-sex: Creates the sons of the light, creating the existential bodies of the Being.
  2. Normal-Sex: The reproduction of the Specie (without fornication)
  3. Infra-sex: The reproduction of Animal Ego.

●Energy: Sexual.

● Sense: Touch.

●Defect: Sloth.

Instinctive Center.

● Location: Sacrum
● Function: Its conscious function is apprehending (To capture the deep meaning of any lived event without keeping it on the memory). It is in charge of handling all the waters of the microcosms. Therefore, it manages the physical body’s health, the reproduction of the cells, the karma, etc. It manages all the metallic atoms of our mercury. Inside them is contained our Ego, that is why when the Emotional Center produces a desire, this center takes possession of it. For this reason, we say that it plays the function of Learning (which happens by the memory of the waters), through desire: TO WISH, is the mechanical function of this.
● Energy: Vital.
● Sense: Taste.
● Defect: Greed.

Lower Emotional Center
● Location: At the height of the navel, upon the spine.
● Function: TO FEEL: positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are originated by the consciousness; like the desire of serving and loving. The Negative emotions make us feel pleasure or pain, attraction or rejection. With negative emotions we fall in love, we feel pleasure, joy…we hate, we feel resentment and rancor. We must learn to balance this center because is the one that manages the fire, and therefore it keeps us adulterating every moment.
● Energy: Emotional.
● Sense: Smell.
● Defect: Lust.

Lower Intellectual Center

● Location: At the height of the Heart, upon the spine.
● Function: TO THINK: to devise, to plan, to project, to remember. Before doing anything we first plan it, that is why it is said that thoughts are the origin of deeds. When we think, even though we don’t know it, we are starting to create. Depending on the quality of our thoughts is determines the quality of our deeds. We need to learn to self-observe this center, because it spends a lot of energy (with negative thoughts). The best way to think is not thinking and knowing to listen to the voice of the heart.
● Energy: Mental.
● Sense: Hearing.
● Defect: Pride.

Motor Center
This is the center of the motion. It is in charge of all actions and words. This center is completely mechanical when it is handled by the self (we are zombies). It learns to do anything and it perfectionates the movement until thinking process does not participate at all. If we thought when this center operates we could even die, for instance when we are driving a vehicle. This center handles the will and as long as we have psychological defects our deeds will be influenced by them.
● Location: At the height of the Larynx. Upon the Spine.
● Function: TO DO. Through of words, actions and omissions. What human beings do the most is to speak any kind of foolishness, and almost never say or do useful things.
● Energy: Motive.
● Sense: Sight.
● Defect: Anger.

Higher Emotional Center
● Location: Pituitary Gland or Hypophysis.
● Function: TO JUDGE, to measure e ects.
● Energy: Of the Consciousness.
● Sense: Self-observation or clairvoyance.
● Defect: Gluttony.

Higher Intellectual Cente.
● Location: Pineal Gland.
● Function: TO KNOW.
● Energy: Of the pure spirit..
● Sense: Polyvoyance.
● Defect: Envy.



In all human beings the Centers are unbalanced, because nobody is interested on working on himself, and almost the totality of human beings doesn’t know themselves. For this reason, we have to start the work by know them. The Instinctive center as an energy producer, supplier for all lower centers, and the surplus are deposited in the Sexual center. This work is done overnight while the physical body rests. At the beginning of the day we found ourselves with full batteries. And we start to spend energy each time that we use a center. Each of our thoughts spend energy from the Intellectual center, until depleting its initial energy level. When this energy is totally depleted then the Intellectual center steals energy from the Sexual center in order to continue working. Each one of our words and movements spend energy from the Motor center. When its energy reserves are depleted, it has to steal energy from the Sexual center in order to continue working. Each one of our emotions during the daily living deplete the energy from the Emotional center, and this one will go stealing energy from the sexual center.

In turn, for the Sexual Center to work, it has to do it by using the le over energy of the other centers since it was previously looted by them during the day. Conclusion: the centers don’t work with their own energy and nothing new can be created.

To make this situation worse a very few humans know about Supra-Sexuality and when they practice sex, they make e orts to extract the energy through the orgasm, and all energetic reserves are extracted to entertain ourselves.


The first five centers are fallen and they do not work properly. The two higher centers did not fall and work balanced. A very few beings use the superior centers. The majority make a bad use of the lower five.

1. If we are going to balance the centers, we need to learn how to observe them first.
2. Second step is to learn how to save energy, so that the Sexual center is not looted.


We must to start reflecting on:

  • ¿What is the Right Thinking? This thought is not from my Being, it is from a self and it has to die.
  • ¿What is the Right Feeling? This feeling is not from my Being, it is from a defect and it has to die.
  • ¿What is the Right Action? What am I doing? This mechanical acting is not from my Being, it is from a defect and it has to die.
  • ¿What is the Right Talking? What am I saying? This is not useful and it has to die

If we get started with this strategy we will notice that there are only a few things that we do, say, thing and feel that meet those requirements. We’ll notice that we only do foolishness; we never think of something useful, we never feel anything positive and that we talk too much. Conclusion: Failure
When practicing this strategy, the energy saving will have started and it will allow us by wisely using sex, to Create the Superior Bodies of the Being and get out from the animal condition on which we currently find ourselves.
As any possibility of being depends on this, we must start to practice it immediately.

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