Knowledge of Oneself – Conference 05 and 06



A dimension is a Level of Conscience. There are as many dimensions as there are levels of consciousness. in each one of the unfoldings the numbers of laws increase and also the materiality.


First Dimension: The Length or distance between two points. It is the Tritocosmos or world of each one of the atoms. The World of mono-brained and two-brained without spine. All the distances, linear measurements: meter, kilometer, mile, rod, yard, etc.

Second Dimension: The Surface or displacement of a line in the space. Here we find all surfaces or the measure of surface: square meter, square foot, square kilometer, hectare, etc. These are all the surfaces of all objects or volumes.

They are given by two dimensions: length by width or by height. Its measures are like that: m², km², hm², etc.

In this dimension we find our Personality and all our superficiality, the appearance of the volumes, the physical shapes. In this dimension we find all bi-brained with spine, and they see the world as overlapped layers. Since they don’t have the third brain, they can’t self-realize yet.

This is the world of the 96 laws. and It’s called Limbo or Hall of hell.

Third Dimension or Volume: All bodies or things with organic or inorganic physical presence, with three dimensions: length, width and height. Here we find our Physical Body, and all measures are cubic: m³, cm³, dm³, hm³, etc. This dimension contains the previous two dimensions. Here tri-brained biped or rational animal, mistakenly called Man lives, and it is possible for him to self-realize for having the three brains, humanizing himself and defeating our animal condition, in any of his 108 existences as human.

This dimension is ruled by 48 laws, we find them in each one of the cells, represented by the 48 chromosomes. The importance of the physical body or material lies on the fact that it is a condenser of Creative Sexual Energy and this is capable to transmute it during the coitus of a man and a woman.

Fourth Dimension or Time: It is the duration of our physical body or the duration of any volume. Here we find our Vital Body, also subject to the 48 laws of the physical world. It’s the superior part of our matter. (It is perceived tetra-dimensionally).This body represents our waters that are 90% of our physical body. The time we are referring is the measurement between birth and death. In these waters we find all the metallic atoms from our seminal system, they are contained in the aura field. These are the ones we need to regenerate and set free

Fifth Dimension or Eternity: To mean eternity we find as well the time, in the continuous shape without beginning or end. We see like this how the previous dimension is contained here. Thus we find here the past, present and future in a continuous manner. We see that everything that has a past will have a future and this keeps us from living the present from instant to instant. In this dimension we find two worlds: The Astral World and The Mental World, with their corresponding bodies, which manage di erent functions and have their own characteristics.

Astral Body: It is ruled by 24 laws, its nature is molecular, and it is Fire or desire, it manages our emotional world. It is controlled by the Salamanders of fire.

Mental Body: It ruled by 12 laws, and its nature is atomic. It is related with air or wisdom, and originates our intellect. The way of thinking of each of our atoms. It’s controlled by Sylphs and Sylphids of the air.


Sixth Dimension: Reality or the Truth. Here we find what has been, is, and will be, The planets of the Christ, the electromagnetic

Also here we find two different levels:

The Causal World: or the World of Conscious Will, where we find the body of the will, this body is ruled by six (6) laws. Its nature is electrical, composed of all electrons of our atoms. It represents our Verb or Creative Sexual Energy and all the creations. It is the Human Soul.

The Buddhic World: or the World of Consciousness here we find Buddhic Body, ruled by six (6) laws, its nature is magnetic, composed of all the protons of our atoms (Being’s reasons to be). This body has not fallen and it is Divine Soul.

Seventh Dimension: or Great Truth This is the world of Light or Atmic world, here we find with our Intimate (Atman), which is subjected to three (3) laws. The nature of this dimension is photonic, it is also the lowest our Being can reach, since he comes from the spirit World. It is the Christical principle on each of us. It is our particular warrior. The Atmic body didn’t fall, and it is arisen on each one of us.

As we can see as we go up dimensions are lighter. The natures: cellular, etheric, molecular, atomic, electronic, protonic, photonic.


The dimensions in ascendant way and seat of the dimensions in the centers of the human machine.

Let’s carefully study this matter:

Each dimension is a level of consciousness in the extent in which we recover the waters, the level of conscience rises through the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, and body by body. Each one of these bodies handles a different dimension. Without creating certain body it’s not possible to control certain dimension.

The prime matter for the creation of any of these bodies is The Sexual Creative Energy. This energy is contaminated by the di erent selves which manifest in us every day. Therefore, we have to decontaminate everyday energy by working daily.

The bodies are created in sexual practice (birth). We work during the day balancing the centers with self-observation, impeding the selves from depleting energy, so that we can have the Sexual Creative Energy for the Sexual transmutation. At night we copulate to fix the sexual energy saved.

If we understand that each body has its own Waters or Mercury, and that each one must pass through its own process, we’ll comprehend that rising in the levels of the Being is something slow and progressive.

The conquer of dimensions allows us to govern them each time with a lower number of laws. This conquer is made in the abyss working with our own sexual energy, taking out light or wisdom from darkness.

With the work in the three Factors is performed the conquest of the dimensions:

  • Death allows us to release conscience and purify Sexual Creative Energy.
  • Birth in the sex it allows us to create Self Existential Bodies.
  • Sacrifice for Humanity It allows us to defeat our egoism and to awake Love, which is the only law in the absolute.


  • It is not possible to ascend in the Higher Dimensions without eliminating the heavy and grotesque of our personality.
  • It’s not possible to have real representation in a Dimension without having created the corresponding body.
  • We came to planet earth to Self-realize and to achieve whole conscience. This is only possible by going down to the infra dimensions, where 97% of our conscience or essence is trapped. Without working on ourselves it’s not possible to create anything.
  • It’s also necessary to know the methods to verify these dimensions, while we are doing different creations:

– To go from the third dimension to the fourth dimension we use the Jinas technique.

– To go from the third dimension to the fith dimension we use the Astral Projection.

– To go from the third dimension to the sixth and the seventh dimension we use Meditation.

It is necessary to practice these methods in order to directly known and experience these dimensions.

End Conferences 05 and 06

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