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in superior dimensions

Knowledge of oneself

We as human beings have an intimate and direct conection with God and ignore it because we don’t know ourselves, neither we know the meaning of our existence; we suffer, get worried, enjoy, cry and lose our lives in the ilusion of searching in the external world what’s inside ourselves and yet we keep overlooking that fact. Mankind doesn’t need material things to be happy, we need to awake and find our inner GOD. The awakening of conscience lies in Knowledge of oneself , which is based in the four pilars of the Universal Wisdom.

The four pilars


Believing  and knowing are totally oposite. Science teaches us that direct experimentation is the basis of knowing oneself.
Practice allows us to know and investigate in the different dimensions of nature, beyond all theories. We teach and practice the different procedures to know and know oneself in our own experience: concentration, relaxation, astral projection, meditation, retrospection, negotiation of karma, etc.


The psychology teaches us to study our soul (psychis) to liberate it from the egos that trap it.

Through self observation, reflection and comprehension it’s possible to elimate our psychological flaws and to liberate our conscience.


Art teaches us  how to create ourselves through the conscious use of our sexual energy. In our sexual energy lies our conscience and all our posibilities of being and creating.

We teach the technique of sexual transmutation or white tantrism, with which is possible to create the  superior existencial bodies of our being.


The mystic teaches us the importance of loving the inner work and sharing the techniques of knowledge of oneself with others, so that they can explore their own microcosmos.
Only the practice of Knowledge of Oneself and the uninterested service for mankind lead us to experience the wonderful force of love that is the ability of giving without any condition or expectation. Love is found in the conscious and uninterested actions.

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